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Fremont Pass from Copper, top of the Rockies Hwy

 Fremont Pass from Copper, top of the Rockies Hwy

Fremont Pass is a 11,318-foot (3,450 m) mountain pass in the Rocky Mountains of central Colorado in the United States.It forms the continental divide on the border between Lake County and Summit County. The pass is named for John C. Frémont, an explorer of the American West who discovered the pass while traversing present-day Colorado during the 1840s. The pass summit is the site of Climax Mine, a molybdenum mine. Despite being one of the highest mountain passes in the state, the only steep part is the switchback on the final ascent toward the Climax mine on the south side. The rest of the pass is gentle.

Region: Colorado
City: Frisco

Distance: 25.31 km
Elevation Gain: 527 m
Difficulty: 1.38 FIETS
UCI Score: 48259
Avg Grade: 2.87 %
Max cat climb: 2
Min elevation: 2967 m
Max elevation: 3449 m

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