Latefossen to Sorfjorden

 Latefossen to Sorfjorden   

Sørfjorden is a 38-kilometre (24 mi) long fjord that is one of the innermost branches of the main Hardangerfjorden. It is the longest arm that branches off of the Hardangerfjord. The contrasts are significant in Hardanger, and Sørfjorden is no exception. The cider farms and orchards are close together - surrounded by hundreds of thousands of fruit trees, steep mountainsides and the Folgefonna glacier. The beautiful fjord arm in the Hardanger region is one of those places that is difficult to describe in words. This is an area you have to experience for yourself.

Region: Hordaland
City: Odda

Distance: 26.05 km
Elevation Gain: 88 m
Elevation Loss: 268 m
Difficulty: 93 (Easy)
FIETS Index: 0.24 FIETS
Avg Grade: -1.3 %
Max cat climb: 5
Min elevation: 18 m
Max elevation: 207 m
Ride Category: Flat

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