Highway that Goes to Sea (Part 4, Little Duck Key)

 Highway that Goes to Sea (Part 4, Little Duck Key)   

Driving from mainland Florida down the Overseas Highway, it’s easy to understand why the southernmost leg of US Highway 1 is often referred to as the "Highway that Goes to Sea." A modern wonder, the 113 miles of roadway from Key Largo to Key West incorporates an astonishing 42 bridges leapfrogging from key to key in a series of giant arches of concrete and steel over the open waters of the Atlantic Ocean, Florida Bay and the Gulf of Mexico. In 2009, the Keys highway was designated as Florida’s first and only All-American Road by the US Federal Highway Administration, among only 30 other roadways in the nation that have earned the prestigious title.

Region: Florida
City: Key West

Distance: 62.73 km
Elevation Gain: 146 m
Elevation Loss: 132 m
Difficulty: 200 (Easy)
Avg Grade: 0.06 %
Max cat climb: 5
Min elevation: 3 m
Max elevation: 26 m
Ride Category: Flat

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