Albula Pass (East Side)

 Albula Pass (East Side)   

The 40-kilometre road linking Chur with La Punt was built in 1865. At the summit of the Albula Pass, it reaches at an altitude of 2,312 metres; a hospice is located here. Just a century ago, the journey from Chur to St.Moritz over the Albula Pass took 14 hours in a post carriage. In 1903, a rail route was inaugurated between Chur and the Engadin, via the Albula Valley and a 5.9-kilometre tunnel at an altitude of 1,823 metres. The northern entrance to the tunnel lies in Preda; the former customs house, at which all passengers were checked, stands in Guardaval. The stretch of line between Filisur and Preda, with its four loop tunnels, numerous curves and spectacular bridges, is regarded as one of the most complex pieces of civil engineering in Europe.

Region: Grischun
City: La Punt-Chamues-ch

Distance: 13.18 km
Elevation Gain: 620 m
Elevation Loss: 284 m
Difficulty: 588 (Moderate)
FIETS Index: 4.23 FIETS
Avg Grade: 6.83 %
Max cat climb: 2
Min elevation: 1691 m
Max elevation: 2309 m
Ride Category: Climb

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